Polished and brushed steel, with heat discoloured edges. 120x110cm. 08/2003
The techniques I used for 'Atlantis' have led to this piece too. Here I found a piece of Newfoundland coastline that I couldn't resist stealing! I embellished it with some extra 'islands', and oriented North to the West, but essentially it's a 'map' of the real world. The names of the features were irresistably evocative - Frobisher Bay, and Terra Incognita Peninsula... (can't you just imagine Captain Frobisher on the deck of a full-rigged ship breaking through an ice-bound sea, mapping the coast of a bleak unknown land?!).
The geographical forms thrusting out to sea seemed to suggest the harsh erosive processes of the ocean eating into the body of the land along its lines of geological weakness - it's everything I strive for in my work... So I stole it !... apologies to Gaia. on the eye to see a detail picture.