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The original system I had of displaying the photos - just put them all in galleries in no particular order - was getting a bit too cluttered and overwhelming. So I've tried to make things a bit neater and more comprehensible by grouping my favourite images here according to their theme. I think it works a lot better.
The problem was that there were many images that I thought were interesting enough to be put online, but mixed in with them were pictures that I thought were really good. Thus lots of clutter and a huge volume of unsorted images which I began to realise was just too many and too much to expect you to deal with. So I've done all the hard work for you!.
I still think it's worth visiting the portfolio pictures if you're curious enough - go on, I dare you! - as there's a few related images you will like, and some interesting stuff. But I hope the new clarity will help you enjoy the pictures more without having to thrash through hundreds of curiosities for the occasional gem.... enjoy yourself!