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I make music under the name SLOW DRUM HUM. I have put a selection of music here as mp3's that you should be able to play as you look around the site.

If you'd like a CD with these tunes, plus more slow drum timeless classic hits, in full CD quality
(none of this half-my-tune-is-missing mp3 stuff) and with quite a nice cover, just email me a postal address and I'll send you a CD.
This is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT action: I send you a CD and, if you like, you send me something in return - some money if you want - whatever you think it's worth - or some good tunes burned on a CD, or a nice seashell, or a pebble, or a good piece of stick, or something.... you know, just something good!

email: miles[at]mileshalpin[dot]com

you might like to go to lumberton trading co for other varied and interesting tunes
and adverse effects for comprehensive music reviews and stuff


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"Hot Day"

Hot Day features guitar, vocals, drum

"Screaming Demon"


The Slow Drum Hum project has come about through a long time of frustration with not bumping into the people who felt the same about the sound of steel being bashed and dragged, guitars feeding back and mad screechy noises. So I decided to do it myself. And it's great fun. I now carry a little voice recorder with me everywhere - there's loads of mad and beautiful sounds going on all the time, and I never noticed it before. There's no such thing as noise; just different qualities of sound. It's all music. I have dragged lumps of steel around, used pots and pans from the kitchen, trams, machinery, plucked and bashed and played steel with a 6ft steel rod 'bow', and if I cant find a sound I try to make the noise with my mouth.

I have a myspace space - who doesnt? - with this music on. It's generally the same tunes so theres not much to be gained in that respect, but most of my 'friends' on my page are making interesting music that you might like if you like what I've done, or even if you don't. The URL , you'd never guess this, is

Features found sounds: Tasmanian factory, bandsaw, steel plate, plucked sculpture 'Skeleton of a Broken Moon'. No musical instruments.

"Slow Drum Hum"


Using hammer, steel sheet, creaky door, vocals, guitar distortion, ceramic bowl, steel girder.
Steel plate, vocals


"Pre-natal Satan"

Layered vocals
Thunder stick, vocals, and a secret something else.


"In the Palm of My Hand"

Guitars, vocals, keyboard, drum.
Bass harmonics, vocals, guitar, drum.